Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Society and Crimes: The Top Scams Of 2010 Work From Home Opportunities And More!

Here are the 2010 top scams to watch out for, some of these companies have even been around since the 1930’s. Some of these people move in and move right out once they feel like they’ve stolen enough money, it’s a crime and in some cases capturing these criminals is very difficult. According to the President of the Better Business Bureau these were the top scammers of 2010.

1. Work at home opportunities, if they ask for money do some investigating. Go to and look the company name up. If the company is not listed that does not mean they are a scam and if you cannot locate the business ask them for more details.

2. Mortgage foreclosures companies, watch out and be careful. Before you pull any money out do some investigating.

3. Credit repair agencies, they can promise you a whole lot as long as they get your money. Save money and do some research, they will have you thinking that they are trying to repair your credit while in the meantime they are filling up their bank accounts with your hard earned money. Some credit repair companies may offer a low cost that can be very tempting, on the other hand you have to use your common sense, all agencies are not the same there are legitimated credit repair companies out there.

4. Advance fee lenders, in order to get approved you have to give these people all kinds of information and that will make you vulnerable to identity theft and debt. Identity theft is one of the biggest crimes while leaving victims stuck with bills they did not create and bad credit. So please be cautious and smart.

These criminals do not care and do not play. Also look out for lottery scams and construction companies. DO NOT GIVE OUT ADVANCES! Remember it is better to be safe than sorry, you don’t want to find yourself broke and trying to get through a thick load of unwanted debt.

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