Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Signs Of Alopecia A Condition That Causes Thinning Of The Eyelashes! How To Grow Longer Lashes

Short eyelashes can be caused by numerous of things. Your eyelashes may fall out because of poor diet, a nerve condition, age or because of certain eye condition. Then again some of us are just bless with longer, fuller eyelashes. There is a way to get the hairs on your eyelids to actually grow for more sexier more revealing looking eyes.

Alopecia is sudden hair loss in a circle like pattern of the scalp. It also effects the hair on your genitals, eyelashes, underarms and eyebrows. This condition can be hereditary, be set on by hormones and aging. Researchers have not discovered the exact cause of it.

There are ways to get longer lashes, there is a cosmetic product by Market Health called Idol Lash. You apply it to your eyelids as if you were applying eyeliner. Within weeks you will see the difference.

Nutritional deficiencies, trauma, allergies, eye makeup, the environment or even eye surgery can thin out the hair on your eyelids. Stress is a factor and cancer treatments, exposure to chemicals and toxins.

If you think you have this condition please see an eye doctor right away. If you are just looking for away to get fuller and longer lashes read more about how Idol Lash can help.

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