Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keeping The Faith!

Even though things or life don’t go your way, act as if they are. Keep the faith; don’t let the troubles of life bring you down. You might get knock off your feet, but you won’t be down for long.

Keep the Faith, when you love yourself, God loves you more! Words are powerful, look in the mirror and say “I believe in myself, I love & accepted myself for who I am I’m unique and have my own beauty“.

When you keep the Faith you learn how to deal with situations in a better way. Don’t let the little things, become a big deal learn how to go with the flow. If you must cry, then cry! If you must cuss then do it, scream let it out and shout!

When you have faith you become resilient, you become strong, tough, but full of happiness and joy. As long as there is a breath in your body there will always be a battle to be fought. It’s hard, it’s difficult and nothing is ever easy. But when you think positive and believe you are closer to better days.

God only help those who help their selves. Keep the faith love yourself, love your life and appreciate your blessings because even though it might not seem like you are bless, you are because you are here to make things better.

You have life and it’s up to you how you handle it and live it. Having faith makes things so much clearer. It’s your choice, it’s your life. When you love yourself, you can open up your heart to share and love someone else. A broken heart will mend only if you let it. The loss of a loved one hurts, but you will learn how to deal with it. Even though they are not walking the earth they are walking through your mind, memories are to be cherished.

Keep the faith

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