Monday, November 23, 2009

Cheating? Why Does It Feel So Good

The reason why it feels so good to cheat is because the sex is better and the adrenaline rush you get from it just makes it so exciting and adventurous. You don't want to cheat or maybe you do, but the point is it is the #1 cause of breakups. Whether you intend to commit adultery or not it is a sin and it always will be.

No one is perfected, right? So I guess that excuses the mistake you made by sleeping with someone else. It's wrong, but why do people do it anyway. Temptation is sweet, being committed to someone and having a chance to cheat with someone else it can't get any sweeter than that, especially if your spouse never finds out. Having an affair can ironically make a relationship better.

Some online dating websites is all for cheating like Ashley It is the number married dating website. Most affairs occur at work and online, this dating site has nerve. They tell you hey have an affair life is short! You can be in the best relationship you've been in in your life and still follow the attraction to another. Infidelity is how some people find their soul mates. Taking that chance and sneaking around is fun, even if what you are doing will hurt the one you so call love.

Being in a bad relationship is an open door for cheating. Sometimes it just feels like nothing else when you are with someone you know you shouldn't be with, but the way you feel with this person is like no other feeling you've ever experienced. You might have felt that way in the beginning with your significant other, however those feelings have died and not even thinking that the second relationship you are in now might not work out either. You just want to feel good, want to feel loved and some just do it because they have no regard for one's feelings.

In some situations you can have your cake and eat it too, but not for long. Eventually someone is going to get tired and move on. You will have to choose someone or no one. Cheating is evitable and it is hurtful and ruins lives, none the less people want there pleasure and whatever it takes, they will have it.

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