Friday, November 20, 2009

10 Things That Will Make Her Fall Head Over Heels For You

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To men women are complicated beautiful and irresistible Goddesses. I can admit it; we can be pretty demanding and hard to please sometimes. However, if we were not here, there would not be any beauty; no one for you guys to argue with, no make-up sex, you would not have that other half that completes you and there would be no scent and the scent of a woman is enough to drive any man insane. You might have found that one and you just do not know what to do to get her more into you. It is not complicated when it comes to pleasing a woman. Honesty is number one on the list, be yourself and hopefully you will not run her away. Here are 10 real ways to get to her heart and make her all yours.

1. As I said before, honesty is number one. Be honest like if you are going through a divorce let her know, do not wait until the last minute, and let her know what she is getting herself in too.

2. Tell a little about yourself not too much. You have plenty of time to get to know one another. Do not be uptight show her that you know how to have a good time.

3. Treat her like a woman! Compliment her, open doors, take her shopping if there is one thing everyone knows about women is that we love to shop. Act as if you are really into her, make her feel special.

4. Don't ignore her! Listen and respond communication is very important. We like to be listened to and we like to know that you are really listening, you do not want to mess that up because there will be questions about anything she is talking to you about.

5. Find out things that she likes to do instead of you thinking of what she might like. Be understanding if you have to sit with her and watch one of her favorite romantic movie with her, you might feel like running for your life, but in thee end it will pay off.

6. Do not rush her to have sex with you. You should at least wait until she makes a move or if the topic about sex has came up just let her know that you are here and will always will be until she's ready.

7. Cook for her, a man that can cook is so sexy. Find out what type of songs she likes and make her a CD. Pop it in the next time she comes to your place. She will find that flattering knowing that you care about the things she is into. Do not have any of your ex-girlfriends into the picture they are the past so act like it is that way.

8. When it is time, do not just have sex make love, make passionate love. Appreciating a woman's body will definitely put you closer to her heart. Anyone can have sex, let her know you see her for who she is express what you feel, be gentle and thoughtful. If you have a problem, giving her pleasure read the book Female Orgasm Revealed it is a hot sex book that teaches you moves on how to give your lover mind-blowing pleasure. If she has a wild side and you enjoy it, try some exotic underwear for men. Adam & has tons of sexual games and lingerie to fulfilling sexual desires.

9. Give her that sense of security. Let her know that you are her protector, but do not crowd her. Appreciate her independence and her strength; if she feels you are intimidated by that then you are setting yourself up for disaster. Don't be afraid to spend money on her. Buy her flowers, chocolate, a book by one of her favorite authors, or take an off day to something fun. Make her laugh, play games, go skating be adventurous.

10. Finally yet importantly, let her drive your car. Yes, I know some men are obsessed with their vehicles but if you let her drive it, you will be letting her know that you are really into her and trust her.


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