Friday, November 20, 2009

How To Eliminate Bad Breath Learn The Causes And Talk Without The Embarrassment

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The one thing you do not want to worry about that can make people run for their lives is bad breath. Morning breath can be excused, but having it all day is embarrassing and can cause harm to your social life. Many things can set off bad breath. It can occur from the foods you eat, a gum disease or medical conditions. Improper oral hygiene is also a reason.

The medical name for this condition is halitosis. An oral condition can be treated when the resource of it is found. There are ways to prevent this odor. Proper flossing, brushing your teeth and tongue twice a day or after each meal and making sure you get your regular check-ups twice a year. When you eat food particles become trap between your teeth and the longer you don't floss to remove particles the more the bacteria forms and causes bad breath, germs and can lead to an oral disease, like periodontal disease which is a build up of plaque on your teeth and gums. This disease can lead to tooth loss, damage your jawbone and other medical conditions.

They say that flossing can add years to your life. Because when you floss you are preventing bacteria growths in your mouth, which can lead to bacteria flowing around in the bloodstream causing heart problems, neurological complications, etc.


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Timothy said...

I admit, I too am guilty of not flossing regularly, but when my St Petersburg dentist told me that flossing is necessary to prevent tartar build up, I try to floss habitually. If we are meticulous about pampering ourselves we should not neglect taking good care of our mouth. Proper oral hygiene is definitely important to prevent gum and mouth diseases like halitosis. It is true that bad breath can be a real turn-off that is why it is only vital to prevent this condition. There are a lot of rinsing solution and floss available in the market today, if it doesn't help, a good visit to the dentist might be necessary. I sure am lucky to live near St Petersburg dentists treatment center because I can easily drop by the office for consultation.

Well, thanks for sharing your fantastic post. This will surely help a lot of people know more about halitosis and its prevention.