Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Highly Fat Burning Program Especially Made For Women Lose Belly Fat Fast And Safely

When you put on the weight and do not do anything to burn it off. It releases fat molecules into the blood at a higher speed. This causes problems with the metabolism and the way the blood uses insulin. The risk of having health conditions increases, when too much belly fat is accumulated.

You will be at higher risk of developing these conditions:

High Blood Pressure
Certain types of cancers
Sleep apnea
Abnormal lipids
High Cholesterol
Insulin resistance
Metabolism issues
Heart disease

You can tell if you have too much belly fat by the size of your clothing. Menopause can also be a factor in belly fat. Belly fat can come from aging, eating too much, side effects of certain medications, heredity and from some health conditions. After menopause some women notice the extra belly pooch. Fortunately there are methods that help with the fight of losing and maintaining abdominal fat. The older you get the slower your metabolism becomes.

Researchers have found that belly fat is not only energy waiting to be burned. It produces some fat cells that can help the insulin in your blood to fight the risk of developing type II diabetes. Also, it can produce estrogen after menopause which puts you at a greater risk of the developing breast cancer. Researching is still active in discovering why excess hormones affect your health.

To fight the battle of the ugly bulge, exercise and eating the right foods is the key to getting rid of it. Concentrating on the torso is the first step, strength training, and cardio workouts are very effective in decreasing and erasing the belly fat. Stay active, eat right. Great health is the key to long life and great beauty.

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