Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Causes, Side Effects and Treatment Of A Woman's Yeast Infection

Yeast is a nasty infection that's very uncomfortable and embarrassing. A vagina yeast infection is an infection in or around your vagina. It is caused by an overgrowth of fungus or yeast. 75% of women have a yeast infection during their life. Itching is usually a sign of a yeast infection. There are other signs of it. The signs of a yeast infection are Burning, redness, painful urinating, pain during sex, and a thick white looking discharge that's looks similar to cottage cheese. To know if you have an infection your doctor will have to do a pelvic exam.

Many things can cause you to get a yeast infection. Stress, not getting enough sleep, poor diet, eating to much sugary foods, having your menstruation, taking birth control pills, and being pregnant. Taking certain medicines like antibiotics, steroids and you can get it from a disease such as Diabetes or HIV when not treated right.

I've suffered from a yeast infection after one of my pregnancies. It was hell for me; I was so irritated and uncomfortable. You can get a yeast infection not only in your vagina, but in your mouth as well. A weak immune system is the main reason to attracting a yeast infection. An infection in the mouth can seem like a thrash, with white bumps on the tongue or inside of the cheek area in the mouth. Men who have sex with women that have this infection usually do not catch it. If they do start to have some signs of an infection they should see their doctor.

To prevent a yeast infection try not to wear tight clothing, panties, don't use douches, stay away from perfumed hygiene products, change out of your swimsuits and exercise clothing immediately after use. When you are on your period change your pads or tampons often when needed. When experiencing discharge it might not have an odor to it. The best way to catch a yeast infection before it gets to bad is to have your yearly pelvic exams on time. This infection is treated with antifungal medicines, creams, pills, depositories and etc to get rid of the bacteria. There is a natural cure for this ugly fungus that is 100% guaranteed.

Yeastrol is a very effective natural product that relieves all of your symptoms quickly. It's good to know that nowadays you do not have to go to the doctor for every little thing, it might look worse then it really seems

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