Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CRAZY BUT TRUE: Woman Stuck In Her Bathroom For 2 Years!

Today I was sitting with my partner in my living room watching channel 32 news. They were talking about sad stories about unsolved crimes this is something that I'm use to. This world is so messed up it is ashame but, what I heard today I couldn't believe my ears. They did a report on a woman who was stuck in her bathroom for two years. Ok, I know you are like what, how can someone be stuck in their on bathroom for two years? The boyfriend was interviewed by the news team and he said that one day she went in the bathroom and didn't want to come out. She was afraid to come out, she was paranoid that demons were after her. Ok now, with all of this it sounds like she has a mental problem right?

So obviously the boyfriend has a mental problem as well, what kind of person would let their partner sit in the bathroom on the toilet for two years and not call for help. He tried consistently to get her out of the bathroom but, nothing worked and he finally called for help. When help arrived they had to use caution removing her from the toilet because the fat of her skin was stuck on the toilet. When they finally got her off and got her to the hospital they said she had suffered skin and nerve damage.

Now I just do not understand how could you even go hours even knowing that someone you love and live with is acting very strange and will not come out of the bathroom because she thinks that demons are after her and wait two years to get help. The authorities are thinking about pressing charges against her boyfriend and I think they should. It's crazy! I know but it is true the people in this world can be so oh! How can I put it, there's no way to put it - It's just crazy!

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