Friday, October 9, 2009

My Delicious And Nutritious Red Potato, Zucchini And Mushroom Recipe! Great Side Dish For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day for sharing and being thankful for what you have and what better way to be grateful than by sitting a table full of good food. My red potato, zucchini and mushroom recipe is my favorite. I have not been making it that long, it was something I just threw together. I love this recipe not because it's delicious but because it's nutritious and fulfilling. You can eat it by itself or with your favorite meat.

You will need;

5 red potatoes peeled or not peeled.
3- Large zucchini peeled or not peeled
1 pack of mushrooms already sliced
3 cloves of garlic
11/2 tsp of salt
1/3 slice of a red onion
1 TBSP of olive oil or margarine
1 Large skillet
2-cups of water

First add the two cups of water to the skillet and turn the top of the stove on high, just until the water starts boiling. While the water is getting ready start slicing the potatoes into the shape of chips, but thicker. If you prefer to peel them you can do that. Rinse the potatoes once you are done slicing them and add them to the water with the salt and olive oil. Once the water starts boiling turn down the stove to medium and put the top on the skillet.

While the potatoes are cooking rinse off the zucchini if you are not going to peel them, if you are you do not have to rinse them. Slice them the same way you did the potatoes. Don't add the zucchini until the potatoes are half way done. Let the potatoes cook for at least 10 minutes before adding the zucchini because you don't want it to overcook unless you prefer it that way. Stir occasionally. When the potatoes are half ready add the onions, garlic, zucchini and mushrooms. Make sure you rinse the mushrooms before adding them to the skillet.

Let the dish simmer for another 10 or until the zucchini is tender, but still has a little bit of a crunch to it. Stir occasionally. Add more water if needed, make sure it's not soupy. You can cook it longer if you like. This recipe should feed 5 people and it takes about 30 minutes to prepare and cook.

I hope you enjoy it, my family and I love it and it will always be a recipe we all appreciate.

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