Friday, August 28, 2009

Corn and It's Incredible Health Benefits

Corn is one of the most famous veggies in the USA, when we eat corn we tend not to think about what’s in it and it’s health benefits, we just eat it because of it’s sweet and delicious flavor. I often wondered what was in corn, and what benefits we get out of it. I love it, my kids love it, shoot my whole family likes corn! There are so many products containing corn and that are made out of it.

Corn might not be good for those who are allergic to it. It is very hard to know what foods contain corn, so make sure to read the labels on the products your buy. It also contains

Corn is amazing, it can help prevent lung and colon cancer. A study was conducted at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles found that an orange red carotenoid found in corn, betacryptoxanthin helps lower the risk of getting cancer. Corn is also high in fiber too, a component found in fiber helps decrease the growth of colon cancer cells, it keeps the cancer cells from dividing.

Soluble fiber is in corn and it helps lower your cholesterol by binding to your bile, a cholesterol-laden digestive fluid that the liver produces. Soluble fiber does not absorb in the body it goes directly to the stool and when you have a bowel movement the cholesterol goes out right along with it. Although bran and wheat helps lower cholesterol too, corn has a strong effect on decreasing triglycerides.

An ear of corn is only 83 calories. This delicious sweet veggie is loaded with carbohydrates and thiamin, a vitamin B that converts food into energy. When you mix the corn up with other vegetables you get a strong source of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. So, adding more corn to your diet will do you good, especially if you are having digestion problems.

People have been making meals out of corn for about 7,000 years. In Mitchell South Dakota the residents there treasure it. It is low in fat and a great source to gain energy. The best way to get all of the nutrient from corn is to buy it frozen or canned. If you boil your corn you are taking out at least half of the nutrients it has, you can use the water from the corn as a soup or whatever you choose. An ear of it contains 13 percent of the daily value. Some do not know this, but it has healthy fats in it polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, it is much better than the saturated fat.


Amy said...

great info. following from twittermoms.

AManda said...

this is a great article, I never really thought about corn having any benefits other than the fact it is a vegetable