Friday, May 15, 2009

Get That Excitement Back In Your Love life & Bedroom: Sexuality

As a relationship gets older we all know the sexual activities tend to decrease a bit. At first you were active at least 3-4 days a week with sex or maybe 1-2 times a week. Then all of sudden you realize that it's been a week or two or months before you and your partner even had sexual intercourse. Bad enough you barely kiss, but now you're not sexual active like you should. It's a good thing this can be corrected. Sex is not everything in a relationship, but it does count at some point or another.

I want to give you some tips that will help to bring that spark back into the bedroom. When I feel like it's getting a little dull I always do something to spark it back up. If I'm going to have sex it has to be great sex!

Try something new like Exotic lingerie. There's nothing like showing all those curves in some see through clothing, it will entice him more.

A new perfume something that smells sexy. You don't want to smell like something that reminds him of food. Wear something soft & sensual.

Start doin some flirting, flirting is fun and it arouses the temptation of wanting sex. It will make your partner feel confident and irresistible.

Do something spontaneous like; walking around the house in the nude. Offer to take a shower together to spice things up.

Be adventurous. Do it in the living room or kitchen anywhere that's appropriate then the bedroom.

Kiss or massage other parts of the body that triggers high arousal, do moves you normally wouldn't do. New sexual moves can help turn the passion up as well.

New sex positions suggest moves that can make the mood even more enjoyable.

Learn the body find out what really turns your partner on while doing foreplay. Know what your partner wants makes the experience more tense.

Keep yourself up by wearing decent clothing and keeping your hair and makeup looking nice and toned.

Fellas keep yourself shaved and smelling good at all times.

Offer to do things
for her that you normally wouldn't do. A woman loves appreciation and it will score big in the bedroom.

Be romantic with flowers and candles.

Learn her special spots and take advantage of it. Make her feel like she is the most beautiful thing in your world, which u know that, just let her know it.

Cuddling in bed. Cuddling is intimate and such a special way to show her you enjoy her soft body and the smell of her.

Try these moves and see what happens. Sex is just sex, but when you are in a relationship it's more then that. You are going to be with one another for a long time so why not make it worthwhile.

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