Friday, September 2, 2011

Can Lemons Really Boost Weight Loss?

I’ve heard of it before, someone told me that if you eat lemons or consume them in some type of way you can lose weight. I often wondered about it, I love lemons and I eat them and use them in my drinks for vitamin C nutrition. I also knew they were high in antioxidants and antioxidants fights harmful free radials which causes illness, weaken immune system, premature and other unhealthy things to the body.

Since they are so beneficial to the body, can they actually make you lose weight? Well, let’s take a look at how it affects the body.

Lemons have a very high content of antioxidants. Vitamin C is great for maintaining strong immune system, which can help you lower your risk of certain types of cancers. Lemons have properties that make them effective in natural and holistic healing methods. They also have three key benefits that can be found in other fruits and veggies.

These 3 benefits are:

The ability to work as a antibiotic

The ability to work as a antioxidant

The ability to provide the body with phytonutrients

Lemons and weight loss

These yellow and bitter fruits have been associated with weight loss for decades. Individuals drink lemon water to increase their success of losing weight. The two combinations are proven to be very effective.


Lemons as I have stated are concentrate with vitamin C, which is antioxidants that removes toxins from the body. And fat cells are considered to be one of the most dangerous toxins. While the body is going through this process it increases weight loss. This is the reason why lemons have been proven to boost weight loss by 20 percent.

Antioxidants are a very important part of shedding pounds. They also are used in many cleanses which dramatically aids in reducing amounts of fat within the body by removing toxins. Lemons are also used in diet pills too, such as the lemonade diet product to help heightened weight loss results. Limes are loaded with this vitamin C as well.

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I've heard of it before, someone told me that if you eat lemons or eating a certain type so that you can lose weight.