Friday, August 20, 2010

4 ways deodorant can prevent embarrassing body odor

We all know that deodorant is for controlling underarm odor and perspiration. And lucky for some it works and for others it is not an option because of allergic reactions to it. No one wants to walk around with foul body odor; at least I hope not it is embarrassing and unsanitary. If you are human, animal or whatever you are going to stink one way or thee other, the thing is learning how to control it so that it won’t affect your social life and scare people away. Here are some ways to prevent that musty smell on certain parts of the body that you just can’t seem to get rid of.

If you are a woman with big boobs your breast tends to perspire especially when it is hot. But, when you begin to sweat between your breasts it can make you get that musty smell. Women don’t want to talk about it because it is embarrassing, to prevent the sweating and the musty odor or whatever type of smell you might have, use your deodorant. Just apply two strokes between your boobs and you are good to go.

Do you have a distinguish smell under your belly? Whether you have a lot of belly fat or not some people have a funny smell right underneath their stomach and right above the genital area because they might sweat in other places that people do not. Again take your anti-perspiration item and rub a few strokes right above the genital area under your tummy.

Another way to use deodorant is to rub some under your breast to reduce sweating and smell. Your breasts may sweat more if they are sagging or if you are not wearing a bra. When you get out of the shower towel dry under your boobs and apply, using these tips will work and give you more confidence when you are around company. Fu

Last but not least, if you are having problems with genital odor make sure to wash your body thoroughly. Before you put on your panties make a few strokes on the inner and outer layer of your underwear. Don’t apply roll-on deodorant use solid, if you use roll-on buy solid to use on other parts of the body to prevent irritation. These methods should reduce the smell and make you feel more comfortable and fresh.

Oh, just one more tip. If you wear dresses and skirts and your thighs rub together, take the deodorant and gently apply some to your inner thighs where the friction occur, doing this will decrease sweating and odor.

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