Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inspiration & Motivation During Life's Situations

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It’s hard I know, times are rough and Life’s a witch with a capital B. How do you get through it? How do you cope? Day in and day out you struggle, struggle with difficult circumstances. Trying to find a better way to deal with it all, it can be quite overwhelming!

You have to believe that it’s going to be ok; you have to stay strong and believe there’s a better way. Live life, don’t let it run you. God never gives us any more than what we can handle; you just have to figure out a way to handle it. I know it might seem like your world is crumbling around you, but you see, you need to hold on, what’s the point of God giving you a life if you don’t know how to live it or get through it.

Life is not easy and if it is for you, than get ready because you are about to face some difficult times. You say you have faith, but it is no good if you don’t believe. If you don’t believe in yourself, how in the world can someone else see the inner light, the shine that no one else sees?

God has favors for you in store, that’s my favorite quote by inspirational & motivational speaker Joel Osteen. You don’t have to see what God’s plan is for you, all you need to do is keep the faith and soon he’ll send u your blessings.

Whether it’s you job, family, school, friends, a death, accident, health finances, or relationship there is a reason for everything that is happening in your life. It’s a test to test your strength. It’s a lesson to learn from to develop wisdom and maturity. Keep only positive people around you, a good friend can be the sweetness in life.

God has plans for all of us. Ok, life sucks but it’s what you make out of it, is what really counts. One positive word or saying can change a person’s life. A hug, a kind gesture, a prayer, laughter can be miracles. Try to make the best out of life, count the good and not the bad.

It might be taking too long, but your time will come! You have to remember God wants great things for you, so you should expect great things for yourself. No one is perfected, so why try to be. Life is not about giving up, it’s about learning, laughter, growing, inspiring, love and strength. Think of it this way, there’s uniqueness in us all that someone some where wishes they had no matter how beautiful, rich, and talented they are. The most important thing to remember is not only do you have the love from others, but most important thing is you have the love from God.

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