Monday, July 26, 2010

How to Stop Losing Your Hair for Men and Women; Prevent and Stop Baldness

Losing you hair can be embarrassing and frustrating, it not only makes you look older but it makes you feel older. There are many things that can cause hair loss, stress, heredity, medications, illness, malnutrition, diseases and conditions. Chemicals are a reason for major hair loss as well.

Male pattern baldness is a condition called alopecia, this condition is heretic. What causes women to lose their hair are heredity and hormone imbalance. Balding usually occurs in the middle of the head and the temple area of the head. Changing you diet can do amazing results when it comes to having healthy hair, if losing hair runs in the family there are solutions to preventing it from happening and ways to stop hair loss.

While there are many regrowth hair treatments, you never know which one will work for you. Signs of hair loss are when you start to see too much hair in the sink, getting abnormal bald spots, and thinning of the hair. The signs are pretty simple and easy to detect. Having a head full of hair makes you feel confident, it is part of who you are and when it’s gone you begin to feel insecure and old.

Provillus hair growth treatment has a vitamin that stimulates the scalp which will allow your natural hair to grow and become fuller, thicker and stronger; it will not help if you have lost your hair to cancer or other diseases. This hair treatment is all natural and works very well for men and women and it is FDA approved.

There are millions who suffer from baldness, it you have to wear your hair a certain way, put on a wig or toupee then it is time for a change. You will be able to wear your hair the way you want and best of all it will be your real hair.

According to Mayo Clinic the other causes of hair loss is thyroid disease, ringworm of the scalp, insufficient amounts of iron or protein, ponytails, braids and hair dyes.

Great ways to prevent breakage is to wear a satin scarf at night that traps moisture into the hair and prevents friction against the pillow, keep your ends cut, proper diet and thoroughly shampoo and condition your hair. Always be apprehensive when it comes to losing your hair, it frames your face and your style.

When women lose hair it thins all over the scalp or a certain area, men tend to lose hair in the middle of the head or the forehead area. If you are losing your hair because of heredity, then it won’t grow back you and you doctor can figure out treatments on how to stop and prevent your hair loss.

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