Sunday, October 10, 2010

Creative Tips For Halloween! How to Keep Your Jack-o-Lanterns Fresh For Halloween and Beyond

Well Halloween is almost here; trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat! I think that’s how it goes (laughing) this time of month is so fun and gives the parents and children an opportunity to put their creative ideas to the test when it comes to Halloween costumes. I love it! I love being scared even though I’m a scary person go figure it is crazy, how can a person that is so scary love to be scared and watch horror movies. That reminds me, I better go searching and blow dust off of my all time favorite horror movie collection. I’ll name a few for you guys later in the story, but right now here are some tips on how to keep your pumpkin fresh for the celebration and beyond.

“You have to make sure you pick the right pumpkin, firms ones stay fresher longer. So bypass the ones with the nicks and bruises” advises Lisa Berberette, founder of Also try to avoid carrying the pumpkin by its stem; this can cause small tears and holes that invite rot in.

Light them right! Candles are a fire hazard, and “the heat they emit dries out the pumpkin,” explains Gene Granata of For a more attractive glow use battery operated candles, you can find these in craft stores. Expressing your creativity can be so exciting!

As I’m writing the movie Psycho just popped in my head! I love that movie, the remakes I really don’t care too much for, I’m talking about the one Hitchcock made in black and white. I go crazed over classics like that; I’m going to make sure I buy that it for this occasion. One more thing, have you guys ever heard of the movie Mommy Dearest? It stars Faye Dawnaway, I think that’s her name; anyway this is one of my favorite classic movies. This lady is crazy she adopts these two kids, she plays as famous actress at first the kids are treat as kids should be treated.

And then all of a sudden this lady goes insane, beating the kids, cutting their hair, every night when the boy would go to bed she would actually tie him up in restraints, it was crazy! Ooh, one part of the movie she went absolutely wacko when she discovered wired hangers in the kids closet (laughing), man you guys should buy this movie and check it out, seriously. Other DVD movies that might interest you are; Dawn of the Dead, Flowers in the Attic, Birds and the first Halloween movie with Michael Myers, there’s so many I don’t have the time to name them all. Ok, back to the tips.

When daylight comes wrap the pumpkin up in a paper towel and store it in a cool place such as the basement or some other cool spot. Doing this will keep the sun from drying it out, then at night unwrap it and show it off. To stop the edges from shrinking mist all of the pumpkin’s carved edges every day with water, it will keep them hydrated.

Whole pumpkins will last until winter-weeks longer than carved ones. But you still can give the whole ones that Halloween flair! Simply spray the whole pumpkin a color-say, a metallic copper topped with glitter-or paint on a stenciled design from the free carving patterns at or!

And there you have it; this is how to make sure your jack-o-lantern fresh and lively looking. Come do some shopping at for some cool supplies and Halloween decorations for this fun occasion. I can’t wait to see the unique costumes!

Happy Halloween!

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